1. Definitions
  • “Diving Center” refers to Blue Thunder Diving & Survival Center LTD, its owners, employees, and affiliates.
  • “Customer” refers to any person who avails the services of the Diving Center.
  • “Dive” or “Diving Activities” refers to any underwater activity conducted by the Diving Center, including but not limited to scuba diving and snorkeling.


2. General Booking
  • All customers must show proof of diving certification minimum Open Water Scuba Diver Certification.
    • If a diver is unable to provide proof of certification, we reserve the right to not allow them to dive, unless they are enrolled in a scuba training program or Introduction Dive and under the direct supervision of their certified Instructor or a Divemaster.
  • Prepayment of at least 20% of the total amount, 7 days in advance is required. The balance must be paid on site at the dive center before the activity/ies take(s) place.
  • The Diving Center reserves the right to refuse a booking from a customer with whom there is a dispute.
  • In the event of a diver that did not dive for 1 year or more, we strongly recommend having a Refresh Program. However, if the diver is feeling confident they can proceed with a diving activity without a Refresh Program.
  • The Diving Center strongly recommends a pre-flight time of at least 24 hours for any diving activity.


3. Diver Requirements
  • All Customers must complete and sign a Medical Form.
  • All customers must complete and sign a Release Of Liability, Waiver Of Claims, And Express Assumption Of Risk Agreement form.
  • All customers taking a technical diving course must complete and sign a Technical Diving Release Of Liability, Waiver Of Claims, And Express Assumption Of Risk Agreement form.


4. Cancellation Policies
  • The Diving Center reserves the right to modify or cancel any diving activity due to safety concerns, adverse weather conditions, or unsuitable conditions for the day. Participants will be promptly informed of the reason for any cancellation prior to the scheduled activity.
  • Any diving activity canceled by the Diving Center will be fully refunded within 7 business days from the confirmation of the customer. Alternatively, other options for rescheduling or substitution of the canceled activity will be advised, with the customer’s consent.
  • In the event of the client canceling a diving activity then no refund will be provided of any prepayment/deposit unless for medical condition (doctor’s confirmation required).
  • If the client decides not to carry out the activity once it has started, suspend it, or abandon it for any reason, there will be no refund of the amount paid, since the diving center has put all the means and services to carry out the activity.
  • If a student who is taking a diving course has exchanged the theoretical part online or has taken the theoretical part in person, but does not continue with the course, the student will be charged for the full amount of the course.
  • In the event of a customer arriving late for any diving activity, the activity will proceed without them, and no refunds will be provided.


5. Safety
  • Safety is our top priority. Customers are required to follow all safety guidelines and instructions provided by the Diving Center’s staff.
  • Customers must dive within their certified limits and adhere to the buddy system.


6. Purchase and Payment
  • We accept cash, credit/debit cards, bank transfers and other electronic methods.


7. Confidentiality
  • The Diving Center may collect personal information about clients to further the service provided. This may include names, email addresses or other identifying information.
  • The Diving Center does not give collected information to any third parties without explicit permission of the client. This includes information sent for certification purposes to NAUI or contact information to other clients.


8. Equipment & Personal Belongings
  • Customers are responsible for their personal belongings and the proper care and use of rented equipment.
  • Equipment for all diving courses are provided by the Diving Center. If a customer causes any damage to, or loss of property and equipment belonging to the Diving Center, the customer shall reimburse the Diving Center in full, to the current retail price of any loss or damage.
  • Divers may elect to use their own gear, after a check from the Diving Center, must inspect their gear prior to each and every dive, service it annualy, and must be responsible for the proper functioning of that gear. The Diving Center has the right to refuse the use of any equipment considered to be unsafe.
  • The Diving Center accepts no liability for loss or damage to personal property including diving equipment. Any equipment left on the boat or in the dive center overnight or during transport is at the owner’s risk.


9. Insurance
  • Diving Courses: For all diving courses, the Diving Center can provide insurance upon request, for an extra charge. It is your responsibility to inquire about and request this insurance if desired.
  • Diving Activities: For any diving activity, insurance is not mandatory, but highly recommended. While it is not a requirement, we strongly advise all participants to consider obtaining adequate diving insurance to cover any potential accidents, injuries, or equipment damage that may occur during diving activities. Please understand that the Diving Center is not responsible for any costs or liabilities incurred as a result of participating in our diving activities without insurance coverage.


10. Environmental preservation
  • Customers are expected to follow responsible diving practices, including respecting marine life and refraining from damaging ecosystems.
  • The Diving Center has the right to refuse or interrupt at any time any diving activity that may be hazardous to others or to the environment.


11. Photo and Video Release
  • By participating in our diving activities, you grant the Diving Center the right to take photographs and videos during dives for promotional, educational, or safety purposes, only if you grant explicit permission. You also grant the Diving Center permission to use your likeness in these materials. This includes, but is not limited to, photographs, videos, and any other media captured during your participation in our diving programs.
  • We are pleased to offer you the option to receive copies of these photos and videos at no additional charge. If you wish to receive them, please let us know, and we will be happy to provide them to you.


12. Complaints
  • We value our customers’ satisfaction and aim to provide exceptional service at all times. If you have any concerns or complaints regarding your experience with the Diving Center, please contact us at bluethunder@cytanet.com.cy or +357 25587277 to seek resolution. We are committed to addressing issues promptly and in a fair manner.


*We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Any change to the terms & conditions will be updated to the official website of the Diving Center.