Air Filling Info

Our compressor system is the Bauer Verticus 5 and it was installed in the diving center on January of 2022. The compressor is super silent and has a capacity of 450lt per minute to refill your tanks efficiently. 

 It is beeing serviced annually and having all the requirements checked for the best and safest outcome. Quality air tests are made every 6 months from a certified provider. 

We can provide air filling up to 300 bars.

Nitrox Filling Info

For gas blending, we use the Partial Pressure method. That means that we can provide any mixture from 21% up to 100% O2. Trimix fillings are also available, only upon request. 
All tanks must be O2 cleaned and visually inspected by our technicians in order to fill with any gas mixture. 

Visual Inspections & Hydrostatic Tests

Our staff is certified by Professional Scuba Inspectors (P.S.I./P.C.I. # 31915), worldwide recognized as a training agency for Visual Inspections and Hydrostatic Tests.
Also certified by NAUI as O2 service technician, our staff has the right knowledge and experience for the procedure and certificaitons of O2 cleaned tanks.
Visual Inspection is required once a year and the Hydrostatic Test every 5 years.

Scuba Diving Equipment Servicing & Maintenance.

With many years of experience, Blue Thunder Diving is the only diving center in Cyprus certified by Seac for scuba diving equipment servicing (#0041CY, #0042CY). 
As the local distributors on the island and partners to several other brands, we take ahold of all the servicing kits and spare parts required for all scuba equipment’s maintenance.

In order to achieve your scuba diving gear’s long-life and dive safely, it is recommended to service them annually. 

Dive Computer Maintenance

 We also provide battery replacement of Dive computers and Chamber Pressure Tests to make sure that your Dive computer works properly without any possible leaks.


 With a variety of accessories for Sling Spearguns and Air Spearguns, we can provide anything for your spearfishing needs. Maintenance, customized sling guns, replacement and upgrade of slings, air spearguns servicing etc..