History of Costandis

It was built in 1989 by the Soviet Union and was given the name Zolotets. She first sailed to Cyprus in 1997 and operated in the Eastern Mediterranean. She was a fishing vessel sunk in February 2014 approximately 1km from the coastline of Limassol, in the marine protected area of Dasoudi. Our boat needs only 5 minutes to arrive at it. A 25-meter-long wreck that is found in upright position meeting the first deck at 20 meters and ends up to 25 meters.

It’s an artificial reef that hosts many types of fish such as groupers, amberjacks, schools of different kinds of small fish, turtles and more. House to a huge grouper, and our personal favorite, Zengoliath!

A perfect dive for Advanced Scuba divers or higher level divers.